A Lifetime of Commitment to Dogs


As the owner/operator of the K9 BnB I'm a large part of why it's special. As a true dog lover, I've worked over the years to develop a strong knowledge of dog behavior, training, and health. Over 50 years ago I got my start working for a security firm that used dogs when patrolling premises. They used a method of training called Schutzhund and as a training assistant, it got me started on my lifelong journey into dog behavior and training. Through many experiences in training classes, seminars, dog training camps and large conferences I've applied my knowledge of canine behavior and training to all types of circumstances at dog day-care, kenneling, grooming, and training facilities. I use only positive motivation training techniques and my dogs have earned titles in Lure Coursing, Conformation, Obedience, Herding, Tricks and Agility. Several of my dogs have participated in Therapy Dog programs. I have also started enjoying the relatively new sport of Nose Work and I'm looking forward to trying some Barn Hunt training. Throughout the years I have belonged to well over 30 dog associations and clubs, and have served as a board member, secretary, treasurer and the chair of many committees.

I am comfortable caring for any breed, dogs that do not play well with others, intact males and females, bitches in season, dogs that have never boarded before, puppies and elderly dogs, and dogs with medical and other issues.

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