A Cozy Home Away From Home


This is a unique, intimate facility with only seven runs: clean, safe and comfortable.

I live on the premises and spend time with each dog - playing, talking, massaging, brushing, addressing your dog's individual needs. Be assured that your dog will be fed, medicated and given treats per your instructions.

The run's interior rooms have radiant heated floors and are separated by fencing on top of low walls to prevent soiling from male neighbors; boys will be boys! Everyone is closed in at night to keep them safe and comfortable. There is plenty of natural light and see-through flaps to allow dogs to move in and out as they please. There is also a double-wide room available for large breeds or multiple dogs from the same family.

Not only is my bedroom near the kennel, there is also a monitor on all night. If I hear anyone whining or complaining during the night, I can check on them to make sure their needs are taken care of.

Every dog is given many opportunities to potty, run and play in one of the exercise areas. The two large exercise areas are fully fenced with double gating at every exit to prevent unwanted contact with other dogs or escapes.

Most importantly, you'll be able to relax knowing my concern is for your dog's welfare, and I welcome your calls anytime during your dog's stay, and of course, I will contact you if I have any questions or concerns.

For scheduling a stay or just a visit, contact Sally Armstrong at 775-475-0715

Your pet is in good hands – dial 775-475-0715(Landline) for Unrivaled Kenneling and Caring.

Call me today so we can discuss your dog's needs.


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