For nightly boarding, please feel free to provide beds, toys, and treats from home.

If your prefer I will supply clean bedding, toys and treats. I will ask you to fill out paper work that will provide contact information, vet information and feeding and medication instructions. I suggest you bring the food your dog is accustomed to eating to avoid tummy upsets. I have refrigerator and freezer available for raw diet foods or medications. I supply sanitized stainless steel food bowls and water buckets.

Pickup and/or delivery, if requested, is arranged at the time of the reservation.

Dogs travel safely in crates with cooling or heating ensured. Because of my busy dog care schedule in the mornings this service is offered afternoons and evenings, seven days a week. Times are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Because I am a one-woman operation, I must be at the facility when clients drop off and pick up there dogs so I work with all my clients to make sure times are as convenient as possible for everyone.

For everyone's safety I require proof of vaccinations.

All adult dogs are required to be up to date on their three-year rabies, annual distemper and parvo, and bordetella for kennel cough which is recommend to be within the last six months prior to their visit or a maximum of one year. Vaccine antibodies titers are acceptable and recommended. I have completed the American RED CROSS requirements for dogs first AIDS. Your dog's safety and welfare is always my highest concern. When parvo and distemper titers indicate that the dog is fully protected, it means they are protected for life and no longer require those two vaccinations. A copy of the titer results are required. This is not the same for rabies titers; titers must be done every year after the three years from the last vaccination because they lose their immunity to rabies over time. Puppies should be up to date on vaccines based on their age.

In case of emergency I will make every effort to get your dog to your veterinarian. Should they be closed I will take them to the extended hours/days provided by Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital or, my last choice due to price and distance, the Emergency Animal Clinic. Of course I will make every effort to contact you for instructions and to keep you informed. All charges will be the responsibility of the dog's owner.

For scheduling a stay or just a visit, contact Sally Armstrong at 775-475-0715

Your pet is in good hands – dial 775-475-0715 for Unrivaled Kenneling and Caring.

Call me today so we can discuss your dog's needs.


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